Honorable Mentions

  • Big Little Lies — Season 1
  • Blue Planet II
  • Mindhunter — Season 1
  • The Deuce — Season 1
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — Season 3
  • SMILF — Season 1
  • Big Mouth — Season 1
  • Silicon Valley — Season 4

Most Overrated

  • Fargo — Season 3. I still feel like it misses what makes the film so great.

Biggest Bummers

  • The Walking Dead — I actually stopped watching this due to the boring ass pace. Once they kill Negan, let me know.

The Handmaid's Tale

Season One

Margaret Atwood's novel continues to endure, this time from Hulu. Set in a deeply, dark dystopian future, The Handmaid’s Tale is once again timely given our current political climate and also incredibly uncomfortable to watch. However, it’s also impeccably made and the entire cast are just phenomenal including Elizabeth Moss, Anna Dowd, and even Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel. The cinematography is top notch, putting the viewers face-to-face with the harsh realities these women sustain. Season two continues in April 2018. Oh yeah and Canada? Fuck yeah.


Game of Thrones

Season Seven

John Hammond in Jurassic Park once said “spared no expense”. And well, HBO have certainly demonstrated that in season seven of their flagship show, with huge battles and dragon’s galore, costing them millions an episode. With a shortened seven episode season, they managed to cut some fat and go for the massive spectacle. And it works, with a couple of key episodes this season really pushing the envelope in terms of CGI and heartstopping moments. Sure there are times when it’s all a bit ridiculous but it sure is polished and entertaining. With only six episodes (to be released in 2019!) remaining, HBO are putting all their chips in.


Stranger Things

Season Two

Stranger Things topped my list last year but this year, two shows managed to outshine season two of the hit Netflix series. Which, if you’ve watched both seasons of Stranger Things and love it as much as I do, those shows must have something to them. Season two expanded both universes in the series and the Duffer Brothers delivered once again, a fantastic trip down 80’s nostalgia lane with the likes of Ghostbusters and Dragon’s Lair (damn I loved and hated that game equally), amongst others. And whilst not quite as tight as season one, I binged the crap out of season two and had an absolute ball.


Master of None

Season Two

“Eating in Italy is my favourite thing.” Ahhhhh well, if you haven’t seen the first season, you best go out and do so. Because it’s excellent. However season two might be even stronger, this time starting with Big Bud and Little Bud going to Italy. Aziz Ansari heavily borrows from Italian cinema this season but there’s also fantastic episodes such as “Thanksgiving” and “Religion”. Definitely has shades of Before Sunrise / Sunset / Midnight throughout and once again, the writing is smart, modern, witty, and hilarious.


Twin Peaks

Season Three / The Return

If you’ve seen the original two seasons of Twin Peaks and expected the same this time around, be prepared to be challenged. Where as the original run had some involvement from artist & filmmaker David Lynch, in this new series, it’s ALL Lynch. Having not directed long form entertainment since 2006, he returns with 18 hours of Lynch directed, co-written (with Mark Frost), co-edited and sound designed Twin Peaks. And quite frankly, I’ve NEVER seen anything like this on television or even film before. This makes the original run of the show seem like a Disney cartoon. I love being challenged as a viewer, to be taken a wild, unique journey and The Return is simply a masterpiece. Polarising definitely (the pace will kill some viewers) but fascinating and brilliant, this is the work of an artist with no signs of slowing down.