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The Brief

An eCommerce store in the UK selling a range of products including Books, eBooks, Clothing, and Electrical Appliances. Over 10 million products. It was a custom build, using our in-house eCommerce software Oscar, which meant my job was to design around the framework.

Bazaar - Laptop View


The project began in mid 2013, and at the time the site was not to be adaptive. I produced a highly detailed Axure desktop interactive wireframe with all the features requested. This greatly reduced the amount of paperwork required for the functional specification and gave the client a visual idea of the featureset.

Bazaar - Axure Wireframes - Homepage Bazaar - Axure Wireframes - Homepage (No overlays) Bazaar - Axure Wireframes - Checkout Process

Final Artwork

Later in the project timeline, the client changed the brief and the site was to become adaptive. However the modular design approach I originally took meant this was easier to retrofit.

* Due to this work being in development, I have changed the name and branding.

Bazaar - Mobile Version Bazaar - Homepage Design Bazaar - Category Listings Page Bazaar - Product Page Bazaar - Multiple Devices


This was a challenging cross-continent project and still in development. A lot of work went into the interactive wireframes and visual design, based on the Oscar eCommerce platform.