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The Royal Mail on Spencer

The Royal Mail

Creative Direction, Photography, UI, UX, Build, & CMS Integration
Side Project

The Brief

The Royal Mail on Spencer restaurant needed to update their web presence with an adaptive site and update menus, winelists and events. I wore all hats on this side project including Photography, Creative Direction, Front-end and implementation using the fantastic Perch CMS.

The Royal Mail on Spencer - iPhone view

Final Artwork

As an alternative to presenting Moodboards or Style Tiles, the client and I explored a range of visual material that evoked the experience they desired. Following these fruitful sessions, I jumped straight into a design concept. Upon showing them the initial concept, they signed off almost immediately, much to my surprise and delight...

The Royal Mail on Spencer - Homepage Design The Royal Mail on Spencer - Menu Page Design

The Build

I wrote a little about the process of using Perch CMS, Hammer for Mac in more detail. It proved a great workflow and using SCSS, made the build my most efficient at the time.

Perch CMS
Hammer for Mac

Screencast Training

I often find instructional screencasts great for clients rather than supplying bulky documentation. This way, if the client forgets the process, they just have to watch the video explaining how to update the site (and in this case, also the newsletter template) rather than wading through paperwork. I also broke it down into smaller videos for easier digestion and discoverability.

Screencast Training - Video 1 Screencast Training - Video 2 Screencast Training - Video 3 Screencast Training - Video 4

Adaptive Newsletter

I also designed and implemented an adaptive email newsletter template for the client using Mailchimp.

The Royal Mail on Spencer - iPad view


It was refreshing to have full control over the creative here as opposed to other projects having existing brand guidelines. The site has been very well received by punters and the client alike, especially from a mobile perspective.

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One of the features I put forward was an online booking system implementation however the client informed me most people call to book so hence the importance of the phone number prominently on the site for now.