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Tangent Snowball Australia

Tangent Snowball Australia

Creative Direction, UI & UX

The Brief

A more modern agency website to reflect the UK branding at the time. Although not mobile first, the site was adaptive, working closely with the FED team in making the site work well across devices and injecting some playful ideas.

Tangent Snowball Australia - iPhone view


I began with brainstorming some ideas on paper and sketching out some concepts of the various pages and sections.

Tangent Snowball Australia - Sketch 01 Tangent Snowball Australia - Sketch 02 Tangent Snowball Australia - Sketch 03 Tangent Snowball Australia - Sketch 04

Final Artwork

At the time, long single-page scrolling sites with sticky headers were quite popular and I’ll admit I got caught up in the trend. It was an enjoyable project to work on and showcased our vibrant personalities as well as promoting our portfolio. The site received a CSS award and honorable mention at Awwwards.

Tangent Snowball Australia - Homepage design
Roll-over effect on the staff profile. I would work with the FEDs on animating this further with SVG.
Tangent Snowball Australia - Case Study

Staff Video Profiles

One of my favourite features on the site was using video loops for the staff profile sections. Each member would do something on camera that they enjoyed in their spare time, in a 10-15 second timeframe. It was tricky to balance browser performance in the end so we pulled them from the site, however they were a fun exercise for the team.

Team Members Faces
Tangent Snowball Australia - Multiple Devices


At the time the site was launched, the team pushed a number of new development techniques including HTML5 video, SVG animation, won us a few clients, and was one of the first agency sites in Australia to be adaptive to multiple devices.