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Creative Direction, UI and UX

The Brief

Developed in early 2013, the brief was to design an adaptive fashion sharing site with an emphasis on showcasing what you are wearing and being able to purchase individual items through stores. Research indicated that the site had to work well on phones and tablets first and also on desktop. Unfortunately there wasn’t budget for a native app so a mobile-first methodology was applied.

Wishlist iPhone layout

Research & Planning

One of my first tasks was to research whether the site would use a separate mobile site or an adaptive, responsive layout. I researched statistics and looked at the pros and cons of each and put together a presentation for internal use and for the client. Walking the client through this process helped them understand the differences and aided them to make the best decision for the project.

Wishlist - Research


The next step was to look at the sitemap and userflows. Since this was a mobile-first project, the userflows reflected this. The desktop version would have slight differences (ie) with onboarding.

Wishlist - Userflows - Onboarding Wishlist - Userflows - WIM

Sketching & Prototyping

I went through various sketches and developed an interactive prototype in Axure to showcase flow and features. Remembering this was an adaptive site and not a native app, it needed to work on slightly older phones and their browser capabilities. We utilised the phones browser capability to access the camera as users needed to upload their own styles and share them.

Wishlist Sketch 01 Wishlist Sketch 02 Wishlist Sketch 03
Wishlist Wireframes 01 Wishlist Wireframes 03

Final Artwork

A conscious decision was also made to have a left-hand navigation on the desktop so that the tablet and desktop experiences would be seamless.

* Due to this work being in closed beta, I have had to change the name and branding.

Wishlist Adaptive Views Wishlist - Notifications Wishlist - Filter Wishlist - User Profile Wishlist - iPad


Although the project begun at the beginning of 2013, the project stalled and sadly I never got the chance to iterate the project over time, finessing based on user feedback and improve it. However taking on all the UX, Art Direction and UI responsibilities personally, it made me appreciate some of the challenges of product design.